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Day trading for a living - is it possible?

     I asked myself many times if it's possible to make a living. At some point, I lost faith in trading. I studied and practiced for almost four years without any significant result, and a few times, I was ready to give up. But returned again and again. I believe trading is not for everyone like medicine or any other profession. 

       I was lucky to find a great mentor. You can get an idea I learned something special, but no. I understood all my mistakes were made because of my character and psychology. My mentor helped me deal with myself, which was a turning point. 

      So, it's a great business, but it doesn't mean everyone can make money there. And those who do, don't make it every day. For some people, managed accounts and financial advisors are better options than trading alone. It can save a lot of time and money. Despite my positive results in trading, I still have managed account. Its better to enjoy life while a professional trader, like Inna Rosputnia or Black Rock experts, makes you money ))
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