This article is a quick Charles Schwab review that is a big name in broker company in the USA, having a huge customer base and a long list of services for both employees and clients.

Charles Schwab was initially a small discount brokerage firm founded by its namesake Charles Schwab in 1971, California USA, which has gradually established itself to be a leading investment services firm in US. It offers a number of services including asset management and retirement planning and is considered #1 custodian for independent advisors in States, having a total client's assets of $3.86 trillion, 12.5 million active brokerage accounts, 1.7 million cooperate retirement plan participants, around 1.4 million bank accounts, 19,700 total employees,$209 million capital expenditure and much more. Honesty and transparency are two things that are the company's motive above all.

With such a grand portfolio and history, Charles Schwab has always prioritized its customers from day 1 and tried to deliver above their expectations which in turn reflects on its success. Their specialists are always at your disposal to answer your queries, investing guidelines, finance-related questions, and portfolio advice whenever you need them. They have a refund policy if in any case, the customer is not somehow satisfied with the experience, eliminating the chance of customer fallouts.

Not only do they focus on their clients, but Schwab is also an equal opportunity employer, promoting employees from every class of the society regardless of gender, financial status, or physical disability. It provides its employees to work in a diverse and collaborative workplace, which as a result increases productivity and enhances trust among employees and employers.

Making their financial future secure, Charles Schwab helps customers to manage debts, saving for long- and short-term goals, planning out investment strategies for big life events like buying a house, a career change or hosting a wedding event for your children, paying your mortgage, establishing retirement and health care plans to enjoy a stress-free and healthy life after service and incorporating social security.

Health care and social security become a very critical factor in terms of cost and adds significantly to your expenditure when you retire, which calls for the need of an early retirement plan so that you don't have to worry about it later. Not only they provide plans for all these services, but Charles Schwab also gives out tips and helping advice to people with no know-how of the services. Retirement savings calculator will help you evaluate if you are saving enough or below your budget in a simple and 3 step process.

This much vast variety of services is handled with perfection and efficiency to ensure a flawless customer experience.

For long term customers, they have attractive promotional offers which make these customers stick to the company for an even longer time. They also have a separate plan for new parents assisting them to manage their expenses efficiently plus estate planning for people with no heirs.

According to customers' Charles Schwab broker review 2020, listed below are some Pros and Cons of investing in the firm;



Ranked #1 in trade reliability and best in class, order execution by some of the most popular broker reviews, Charles Schwab is undoubtedly an expert in what they do.

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