Inna Rosputnia and her Managed Accounts IR review
Inna Rosputnia and her Managed Accounts IR review

Managed Accounts IR is an investment firm that assists people in managing their finances. They specialize in offering everyday people the chance to invest in managed accounts with good ROIs. They aim to help you invest smarter and grow your wealth, with Inna Rosputina founding and running this firm.

Inna began as a female trader with just a $10,000 investment 13 years ago. She had a dream to turn this initial $10,000 into big money. An innovative approach with an in-depth understanding of trading and a sharp mind helped her reach and exceed her wildest expectations. 

She wanted to spread her knowledge and help people turn their investments into big money, just like she did. With this in mind, she created Managed Accounts IR. Today, Inna has millions in client funding under its management. This amount grows each year as more people realize their investment potential.

Services Inna Rosputnia Managed Accounts IR Offers

Inna Rosputnia relies on in-depth knowledge and experience to offer her services to clients. She tailors offers based on her clients' specific needs, including managed trading accounts, portfolios, and SMA with an investment mix.

Inna knows how to reach her clients' needs because she understands their financial goals. She uses this information to offer the best trading plan based on her clients' input. She then brings the best of the trading industry to her clients to help them manage their investment portfolios and trading accounts.

Portfolio management and building a trading strategy is a skill set that Managed Accounts IR embraces. They help clients choose and manage a mix of different investments and trading investments to get desirable outcomes. Clients will get a combination of long-term investments and intraday trades to meet their unique needs and goals.

The management team lays a foundation to give their clients' money the best growth possibility while simultaneously removing the stress that comes with managing the day-to-day monitoring and decision-making.

They also answer clients' questions regarding commodities, financial planning, futures, global markets, investments, managed accounts, managed investment portfolios, money and risk management, separately managed accounts SMA, stocks, and trading.

Inna Rosputnia Managed Accounts IR

  • Minimum Investment - $250,000

Managed accounts are an investment opportunity that the client owns and Inna oversees. Clients can access their funds on a 24-hour basis, and they can see any open trades. However, Inna uses an allocation tool linked to the trading account to make investments and trades on her clients' behalf, and she doesn't have direct access. Instead, Inna uses complex analysis to pick and choose the best investment opportunities for the account, giving her clients a high annual return with minimal risks.

Customized Investment Portfolio and Trading Strategy for SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts)

  • Minimum Investment - $500 000

As with the managed accounts, clients own their SMAs, and Inna oversees them using her knowledge and experience to maximize their growth potential. She'll tailor them to her clients' unique wants, needs, and goals. These accounts offer flexibility that clients don't get with managed accounts. SMAs give clients direct stakes in the account's securities, and clients can see their holdings in real-time. Inna's award-winning strategy maximizes clients' short- and long-term returns while reducing risks.

Is Inna Rosputnia's service for You?

That depends. Managed Accounts IR could be suitable if you're a beginning or veteran investor ready to hand the reigns over to an experienced wealth management team. Their advice, combined with their proven processes, gives positive results. But, of course, another consideration is whether or not you can afford to invest.

Overall, Managed Accounts IR led by Inna is a solid choice for potential clients to consider, especially if they're looking for conservative wealth growth. 

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